From early childhood, being in the village, I was always drawn to a small grandfather's garage. In the garage stood a handsome, petrol-smelling, handsome motorcycle. On the shelves dusted a different instrument, and glands, gleaming in the sun, attracted my eyes. The special atmosphere of this place prompted in the little boy a passionate desire to create something. Only little by little I became acquainted with the world of adults. And over time, little hands already planed with a knife wood, nailed cloves, twisted a hand drill ..., mastering various crafts with which I enthusiastically fled to the street and enjoyed playing, forgetting everything in the world. In those minutes I was the happiest man and was happy about life. In adulthood, my memories of those childhood feelings eroded with time. Whatever I was doing in the future, nothing sparked a spark of joy in me. I searched and asked for a long time from the heavens to give me a thread that would lead to an occupation that warms my heart. Until one night I did not have a bright dream, in which I saw a huge city. In this city lived unusual mechanical beings. Each of them did not resemble each other, did his own business and had his own calling. I walked around the city for a long time, not understanding who and where these creatures are from, trying to better examine each of them. Suddenly one of the inhabitants of this city slowly turned his head towards me, his luminous eyes read something peaceful and native. Putting down his suitcase, he turned in my direction and said quietly: "But this you created our world", again taking the shabby suitcase, left on his business. At the same moment, I woke up with a smile on my face. My heart was calm and even happy. Then I again remembered a sweet childhood, as a boy quietly doing something in the grandfather's garage, and those wonderful feelings that I experienced in the distant past. Instantly the thought flashed in my head that this is the very occupation I have been looking for a long time. I wanted to make the dream come true, I decided to share it with people and show them the world of unusual creatures. By the evening the first resident of that city was ready and flaunted in our house in the most prominent place. And thanks to my wonderful and beloved girl, we called this world "Machinarius".